Our Story

Memories from our childhood can creep up on us in the most unexpected of ways. Sometimes it’s a song that played on the radio that you once had in a mixtape, or the jingle of the ice cream truck rolling by on a sunny afternoon, but some of the most common types of recollections we have are those of sheer wonder and excitement. You probably can’t remember much about the year you turned 10, but I bet you can remember the ultimate robot showdown of Transformers vs Gobots. If you were lucky, you got the real deal. But for those not so lucky, the Gobots were as good as it got. The utter dismay of tearing open the wrapping paper on the right sized box to find the wrong gift inside it. The absolute devastation that ensued and the confused Mom and Dad who had no idea how much they messed up. But man did they mess up, big time. You can’t fight against Optimus Prime in the school yard with a Gobot. The budget buy.

Fast forward 30+ years, you’re sitting at home watching Transformers on your 120inch TV screen and those memories all come flooding back. The rush of excitement when a new toy came out, the envy of your peers when they got what they wanted and you didn’t, the longing to get the latest gadget on the market before everyone else did. But the difference is, you’re not a kid anymore. Well, not a small kid anyway. You want a Transformer? Go get one! You want an entire VR gaming system? Go hook yourself up.

Flying drones, wireless earbuds, remote control cars that actually work for more than 10 minutes before you have to replace the AA batteries or it suddenly crashes into a chair and shatters. Technology has evolved and so have you. As has your bank balance. Your time has come. Because, hey, what’s the point of spending 10 hours in the boardroom each day if you can’t play hard too?